The focus of this film is the region in and around Finsterwalde/Massen. On a territory spanning three by three kilometres there are a total of nine companies in the metalworking and electronic industries which have been developing outstanding products and services for well-known multinational corporations. These products include innovative connection technology for the automotive industry.

The film tells the story of a motor racing team which is preparing for the coming race weekend at the Eurospeedway in the Lausitz region. While working on their race car, the team‘s preparations are abruptly halted when a special bolt is missing. The rookie of the team is sent out to obtain this special bolt within one day. Convinced of the impossibility of the task, he makes his way into Finsterwalde to the nine companies. Will he be able to find the required assistance there? Why don‘t you watch the film and find out for yourself?

At the intermedia WorldMediaFestival 2009 in Hamburg the film was already awarded an intermedia-globe SILVER prize.

LENGTH: 13 minutes



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